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About Us


We Design The Present To Build The Future About Al Jaber

Aljaber Contracting is one of the largest Iraqi firms for Construction that is effectively operating and managing catering, life support, maintenance, logistic, materials, and trading in Iraq. Being decisive and creative characterizes our approach, and doing what matters for our client defines our intent. Aljaber Contracting is specialized in various construction services and Turnkey Building Solutions for big construction projects, Supply of Steel Structure & civil works with all accessories, footings, erections, installation & Commissioning of Evap Coolers Projects in power plants in all Regions of Iraq.

All of our teams are united by the drive to achieve our vision while keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground. We’re motivated to turn normal things into extraordinary, which means we know there’s more to learn. By finding inspiration and sharing our curiosity, and looking beyond for insights and ideas. We work hard to maintain an open dialogue with our clients to ensure that we continue to deliver products and services that will add value for both the clients and Al Jaber.

The futures industry has weathered several challenges in recent years. Through it all, Al Jaber stands strong, we remain a vocal client advocate, a responsible industry leader, and a trusted partner for many decades to come. Al-Jaber looking for a long-term relationship with the clients by providing them with the best services with the best quality.